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Organizational Change and Learning  

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Organizational Learning

These are the most recent items in EBSCO that are categorized with the subject of Organizational Learning. To do a search in EBSCO for more titles about Organizational Learning go to EBSCO eBooks directly in the box to the left.

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Appreciative Inquiry and Knowledge and Management - Tojo Thatchenkery; Dilpreet Chowdhry
ISBN: 9781845425906
Publication Date: 2007-01-01
The contributors to this book advance the Appreciative Sharing of Knowledge (ASK), a unique approach by which organizations create a culture that facilitates the sharing of information. Using social constructionist approaches, historical data, and case studies, the authors demonstrate that appreciation - or affirmation - is the key ingredient for people to trust each other and overcome their inhibitions and concerns about sharing what they know. ~

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Business Process Improvement Through E-Collaboration - Ned F. Kock
ISBN: 9781591403579
Publication Date: 2005-04-30
This book focuses on business process improvement, a key element of the most influential management movement since the 1980s, and how process improvement affects organizational knowledge sharing. ~ Google Books

Cover Art
Collaborative Technologies and Organizational Learning - Robert E. Neilson
ISBN: 9781878289391
Publication Date: 1997-01-01
Collaborative Technologies and Organizational Learning provides new insight from a longitudinal study of a public sector organization's experience with implementing a specific collaborative technology, Lotus Notes. The book includes a discussion of theoretical bases for organizational learning as well as practice prescriptions for those interested in installing or using Lotus Notes to leverage the intellectual capital already existing within an organization. ~ Google Books

Cover Art
Educational Leadership for Organisational Learning and Improved Student Outcomes - Bill Mulford; K. A. Leithwood; Halia Silins
ISBN: 9781402019876
Publication Date: 2004-04-30
The change in paradigm in our field is away from the great man or woman theory of leadership and the teacher in his or her own classroom to the development of learning communities which value differences and support critical reflection and encourage members to question, challenge, and debate teaching and learning issues. How to achieve such learning communities is far from clear, but we believe the areas of problem-based learning (PBL) and organizational learning (OL) offer valuable clues. The indications are that the successful educational restructuring agenda depends on teams of leaders, whole staffs and school personnel, working together (i.e., OL) linking evidence and practice in genuine collaboration (i.e., PBL). The book is unique in that it is both about and uses these two concepts. ~

Cover Art
Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management - Elayne Coakes (Editor); Steve Clarke (Editor)
ISBN: 9781591405566
Publication Date: 2005-10-31
The Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management is the leading reference source for dynamic and innovative research in the field of communities of practice (CoPs) in information and knowledge management. With knowledge management work on the increase, this single volume encyclopedia provides a comprehensive, critical, and descriptive examination of all facets of CoPs, and includes 550 terms and definitions as well as 1,950 references to additional research. More than 120 researchers from over 20 countries provide in-depth coverage of conceptual and practical issues as well as topics regarding learning, leadership, ethics, social, intellectual, rewards, and language challenges. ~

Cover Art
Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management - David Schwartz (Editor)
ISBN: 9781591405733
Publication Date: 2005-09-30
The "Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management" is the most comprehensive source of coverage related to the past, present, and emerging directions of knowledge management. Edited by the well-respected knowledge management researcher, Dr David Schwartz of Bar Ilan University (Israel), the "Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management" provides a broad basis for understanding the issues, technologies, theories, applications, opportunities and challenges being faced by researchers and organizations today in their quest for knowledge management. Over 170 contributors and advisors from around the world have conferred their expertise to this publication, making this encyclopedia a single source of reliable and modern-day research in the field of knowledge management. ~ Google Books

Cover Art
Going Virtual - Paul M. Hildreth
ISBN: 9781591401643
Publication Date: 2003-07-01
Going Virtual: Distributed Communities of Practice contributes to the understanding of how more subtle kinds of knowledge can be managed in a distributed international environment. It describes academic work in the field of Knowledge Management, with a specific focus on the management of knowledge which cannot be managed by the normal capture-codify-store approach and hopes to answer the question, "what is the nature of the more ‘subtle’ kind of knowledge and how can it be managed in the distributed environment?" ~

Cover Art
Harnessing Knowledge Dynamics - Mark E. Nissen
ISBN: 9781591407737
Publication Date: 2005-11-30
Harnessing Knowledge Dynamics: Principled Organizational Knowing & Learning translates what is arcane and controversial today into managerial guidance that is sophisticated yet practical. It also complements the many existing management books on strategy, technology, knowledge and systems while addressing a well-recognized and significant void. Harnessing Knowledge Dynamics: Principled Organizational Knowing & Learning draws from the emerging knowledge-flow theory to provide stable principles to build a practice of knowledge management. It also draws from diverse, real-world experience to provide operational applications of knowledge-flow principles in practice. This book builds upon theory but targets practice; it takes knowledge known only by a few researchers and shares it with many leaders and managers. ~

Cover Art
Inquiring Organizations - James F. Courtney; John D. Haynes; David B. Paradice
ISBN: 9781591403098
Publication Date: 2005-01-31
Inquiring Organizations: Moving from Knowledge Management to Wisdom assembles into one volume a comprehensive collection of the key current thinking regarding the use of C. West Churchman’s Design of Inquiring Systems as a basis for computer-based inquiring systems design and implementation. Inquiring systems are systems that go beyond knowledge management to actively inquire about their environment. While self-adaptive is an appropriate adjective for inquiring systems, they are critically different from self-adapting systems as they have evolved in the fields of computer science or artificial intelligence. Inquiring systems draw on epistemology to guide knowledge creation and organizational learning. As such, we can for the first time ever, begin to entertain the notion of support for "wise" decision-making. Readers of Inquiring Organizations: Moving from Knowledge Management to Wisdom will gain an appreciation for the role that epistemology can play in the design of the next generation of knowledge management systems: systems that focus on supporting wise decision-making processes. ~

Cover Art
Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry - Abdul Samad Kazi
Call Number: E-book
ISBN: 9781591403609
Publication Date: 2004-11-30
Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry: A Socio-Technical Perspective presents a portfolio of concepts, methods, models, and tools supported by real life case studies from various corners of the globe providing insights into the management of knowledge in the construction industry. Untangling the hype from the reality, practical means of implementing knowledge management in the construction industry through various mechanisms and tools are demonstrated. For the practitioner, it provides practical insights and experiences from real life cases, for the researcher and academic, it provides current and state-of-the-art undertakings in this emerging area for the construction industry. ~

Cover Art
Learning for Innovation in the Global Knowledge Economy - Dimitrios Konstadakopulos (Translator)
ISBN: 9781841500850
Publication Date: 2004-02-15
This book is a major step forward in understanding the learning behaviour of clustered technology-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Cover Art
Lost Knowledge - David W. DeLong
Call Number: E-books
ISBN: 9780195170979
Publication Date: 2004-09-09
This is a solution-oriented book to address one of the most pressing management problems of the coming years: How do organizations transfer the critical expertise and experience of their employees before that knowledge walks out the door? It begins by outlining the broad issues and providing tools for developing a knowledge-retention strategy and function. It then goes on to outline best practices for retaining knowledge, including knowledge transfer practices, using technology to enable knowledge retention, retaining older workers and retirees, and outsourcing lost capabilities. ~

Cover Art
Managers Learning in Action - David Coghlan
Call Number: E-book
ISBN: 9780203300695
Publication Date: 2004-04-16
Rather than offering either a purely practical or theoretical context, this text is written by a team of managers and academics, combining theory and practice to create a holistic, and above all realistic, exploration of learning at work, including real life examples of management challenges. Whether rescuing an ailing organization or managing inter-organization relations, managing change or managing human resources, many of today's crucial management challenges are addressed. Covering a range of sectors. ~

Cover Art
Organizational Cognition and Learning - Luca Iandoli; Giuseppe Zollo
Call Number: E-book
ISBN: 9781599043135
Publication Date: 2007-06-30
Managing organizational cognition and learning has been the subject of many studies and publications and is considered a major source of competitive advantage in the knowledge-based economy in knowledge intensive and traditional business. Organizational Cognition and Learning: Building Systems for the Learning Organization addresses the concept of organizing that is centered around collective learning in organizations and on the learning organization paradigm. ~

Cover Art
Organizational Transformation and Learning - Raúl Espejo; Ubaldo Bilello; Werner Schuhmann; Markus Schwaninger
Call Number: E-book
ISBN: 9780471961826
Publication Date: 1996-06-10
Complexity is the core issue of organizational concern for the age we have entered, not just for the year 2000 but for the new century we are about to enter. The purpose of this book is showing, both theoretically and practically, how organizational and managerial cybernetics can contribute to this core issue. The authors offer a holistic view of both organizations and individual actions. They provide a framework to relate and organize the myriad activities natural to today's business. It offers a framework to account for organizational complexity, align strategic processes and organization structure and information systems. It also develops further the Viable System Model as a framework for organizational diagnosis and design. ~ Google Books

Cover Art
Performance Through Learning - Kurt April; Carol Gorelick; Nick Milton
ISBN: 9780750675826
Publication Date: 2004-04-27
Performance Through Learning is a practical guide to the key issues surrounding knowledge management from a human resource perspective and provides incisive insights into developing a strategy linked to organizational learning. The authors present a framework and model that practitioners within organizations can adapt to increase performance through learning using knowledge management tools.

Cover Art
Process Improvement and Organizational Learning - Ned F. Kock
Call Number: E-book
ISBN: 9781878289582
Publication Date: 1999-01-01
Process Improvement and Organizational Learning: The Role of Collaboration Technologies analyzes the relationship between collaborative technologies, process improvement and organizational learning. ~ Google Books

Cover Art
Strategic Learning and Leading Change - Stephen John
ISBN: 9780750682886
Publication Date: 2008-09-16
Strategic Learning and Leading Change is a practical, inspiring read that challenges business commentators who have doubted the power of HR and presents examples of how HR leaders are leading change to truly earn their seats as business partners at the strategy table. Using real-life examples that take in the intricacies of performance management, talent management and leadership development, the book shows business leaders how to improve strategy execution and interact with the board. ~


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