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This is the "Investment Research" page of the "Research Bibliographies" guide.
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Research Bibliographies  

List of books arranged by subject
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Investment Research

General Reference
For general reference, the following titles contain terminology, statistics and commentary on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment instruments as well as the economic outlook.

The Irwin Business and Investment Almanac (REF HF 5003.D68a)
World economies, economic indicators, and historical statistics on market averages, mutual fund performance, bonds, real estate and collectibles.

Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Using the Wall Street Journal (REF HB 3743 .L44)
How-to guide to using information contained in the Wall Street Journal for Investment Analysis

Dun & Bradstreet Guide to Your Investments (REF HG 4521. D86 1997)
A general guide to investment information and advice for mutual funds, stocks, bonds, futures, options, and commodities.

Graham & Dodd's Security Analysis: Tools for Financial Statement Analysis (REF HG 4529 .G7) Considered an investment Bible that analyzes securities and provides a guide to investment decisions.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Securities Industry (REF HG 4513 . P463)
Alphabetically organized by key word and cross-referenced, this reference work defines concepts and terms and explains financial statements and annual reports.

Dictionary of Investing (REF HG 4513 .R67)
Dictionary of investment terminology.

Marshall Loeb`s 1993 Money Guide: How to Manage Your Money for Safety & Growth (REF HG 179 .M342)
General Investment theory and advice.

One Hundred and One Years on Wall Street: An Investor's Almanac (REF HG 4572 .B74)
Statistical reference of Wall Street performance.

(Standard & Poor's) Analyst's Handbook (REF HG 4905 .A66)
Up to 30 years of per-share data for all industry groups in the S & P 500 composite index and up to 6 years of detailed financial data on each of 67 industry groups in the S & P 400 Industrials Index.

(Standard and Poor's) Outlook (REF HG 4501.O88); Available on S&P NetAdvantage
Analysis of stock/bond market and general economic trends, with investment recommendations by objective, i.e. growth, equity, etc.

Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Markets (REF HG 4910 .W87)
General investment theory.

Investing in Bonds
Mergent Bond Record (REF HG 4905 .M78)
Ratings of Corporate, Municipal, government and convertible bonds along with interest dates, call price and date, current price, yield to maturity, date issued and current year high and low.
Mergent Municipal and Government Manual (REF HG 4931 .M58)
Annual coverage of over 14,000 bond-issuing municipalities and government agencies. Includes assets, growth, revenues, tax collection, debt, property assessments, tax rates, operating revenues, population.

Standard & Poor's Bond Guide (REF HG 4905 .S435); Available on S&P NetAdvantage
Statistics on domestic and Canadian corporate bonds.

Investing in Stocks
Dow Jones Averages 1885-1980 (REF HG 4915 .D64)
A historical look at Dow Jones stock market averages from 1885 to 1980.

Dow Jones Guide to the World Stock Market (REF HG 4661.D68)
Market overview and company information.

Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators (REF HG 4915 .C56)
Forecasting values of over 110 stock market indicators.

Handbook of Internet Stocks (REF HG 4501 .H37 1999)
Business and financial profiles of 200 Internet companies, including retailers, providers of software and hardware communications, web developers, Internet information companies, and electronic financial service providers.

Latin American Companies Handbook (REF HG 4091.5 L356)
Provides information on Latin American Stock Exchange and companies.

Mergent Annual Dividend Record (REF HG 4537 .M66)
Full year dividend summaries on over 10,000 dividend-paying common and preferred stocks and 3600 mutual funds. Includes dividend amount, dates, totals, splits, tax information.

(Mergent) Handbook of Common Stocks (REF HG 4501 .M59)
A quarterly overview and evaluation of 1500 leading New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange stocks, plus operating and stock performance data such as capitalization, debt, dividends, percentage average yield, etc.

Mergent Manuals
Mergent Industrial Manual (REF HG 4961.M67)
Mergent OTC Industrial Manual (REF HG 4961 .M7237)
Mergent Bank and Finance Manual (REF HG 4951 .M65)
Mergent OTC Unlisted Manual (REF HG 4907 .M68)
Mergent Public Utility Manual (REF HG 4961 .M7245)
Mergent International Manual (REF HG 4009 .M66)
Mergent Municipal and Government Manual (REF HG 4931 .M58)
Mergent Transportation Manual (REF HG 4971 .M74)

All of the above Mergent volumes contain operating and financial data on leading industrial and transportation companies--financial history, capital structure, dividends, earnings, splits, executive officers, and mergers. The information is also available online.

Mergent Dividend Achievers (REF HG 4050 .M66)
Tracks stocks which consistently pay out dividends.

NASD Manual (REF HG 4921 .N3)
General information on the NASDAQ.

NASDAQ Handbook (REF HG 4551 .N37)
Explains the NASDAQ system in detail.

New York Stock Exchange: A Guide to Information Sources. (REF HG 4572 .N43 1992)
Bibliography of readings and information sources on the New York Stock Exchange

SBBI Yearbook Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation (REF HG 4501 .S7949)
Ibbotson Associates market result tabulations and analyses covering the years 1926 - 2006.

Standard & Poor's Quarterly Dividend Record (REF HG 4908 .S765)
Quarterly dividends paid out by NYSE, ASE, and OTC listed companies.

Standard & Poor's Security Owners Stock Guide (REF HG 4915 .S67); Available in S&P NetAdvantage
Monthly background data on thousands of stocks presented in a convenient summary format with a separate section on mutual funds.

Standard & Poor's Stock Reports (REF HG 4905 .S443); Available on S&P NetAdvantage
Company profiles and financial statistics regarding activities of stocks listed on the NYSE, ASE, and OTC boards. The information is also available online through S&P NetAdvantage.

Value Line Investment Survey (REF HG 4501.V26)
Performance tracking of over 5000 stocks along with current and historical financial data. Also contains industry analyses. Companion volume analyzes individual stocks and industries and makes recommendations. The online versions is also available.

Investing in Mutual Funds
CDA Mutual Fund Report (REF HG 4930 .C21)
Analyzes the performance risk and lists the percentile rankings of over 1000 funds.

Morningstar Mutual Funds (REF HG 4530 .M8)
Reports NAV, assets, yield, historical return, income, gain, load, objective of mutual funds by category. Offers analyses and portfolio statistics.

Lipper Mutual Fund Profiles (Weekly Column in Barron's; in periodicals) (
Listing of all open-end funds with at least $50 million in assets

Williamson, Gordon K. 100 Best Mutual Funds You Can Buy. (REF HG 4530 .W5444)

Other Investments
Handbook of Fixed Income Securities (REF HG 4651 .H265)
Information on Treasury, Corporate and Municipal bonds, mortgage backed securities, futures, options, swaps and caps/floors.

Annuities, Mutual Funds, and Life Insurance as Investment Products (REF HG 8790 .A56)
A non-technical treatment of investment products written from the customer`s point of view.

All About Annuities (REF HG 8790 .W55)
Explanation of what annuities are, who uses them, which varieties are offered, as well as the track record of 20 annuities.

Electronic Databases
Walsh College Library offers electronic database collections that are suited to investment research. Instructions for researching the databases are located on the racks near the workstations. These online services are for student course work only. The electronic databases are available at both the Troy and Novi College Libraries.

The database provides global business news, company financials, and web sites.

LexisNexis Academic
LexisNexis Academic is the web version of NEXIS, but it is not as comprehensive. Use the Business link for the following information:

  • Business News
  • Company Financial Information Including Stock Reports
  • SEC Filings and Annual Reports
  • Industry and Market News

Mergent FIS Online: Company Financial Information
FIS Online provides company financial information for over 10,000 U.S. public companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ exchanges, as well as over 13,000 U.S.-based foreign companies in 100 countries worldwide. Each report for U.S. companies includes the company's history, business, property, subsidiaries, officers, directors, long term debt, bond ratings, capital stock, income statement, balance sheets, statements of cash flow, exchange and ticker symbol, directory information, annual stock price ranges, trustees, stock splits, and dividend payment history. The coverage of international companies currently includes information on a company's history, business property, subsidiaries, officers, directors, long term debt, capital stock, annual income statement, and annual balance sheet.

S & P NetAdvantage Online Database
Net Advantage provides industry reports, as well as stock, bond, and mutual fund reports.

S & P Industry Surveys
Detailed coverage of 50 major U.S. industries including the following:

  • Current Environment - A review of recent developments and forecast of emerging trends
  • Industry Profile - Major players and market share data, market developments, the raw materials situation, the labor environment and regulatory trends
  • Information on How the Industry Operates - The business/economic cycles, competitive environment, distribution, regulation and legislation
  • Key Ratios and Statistics - A listing and discussion of the key ratios and statistical measures of the industry's health
  • Useful Suggestions - How to evaluate the profitability of a company in a specific industry
  • Comparative Company Analysis - Tables giving historical financial data, including revenues and income, profitability ratios and important balance sheet ratios for leading companies in each industry. The service also includes Monthly Investment Review, which tracks the investment performance and prospects of 115 industries each month. Other S & P searchable options are Stocks Reports (including Closed-End Funds), Register of Corporations, and Register of Executives.

Also included in S&P NetAdvantage

Corporation Records
Provides in-depth financial information on approximately 12,000 publicly held U.S. and Canadian corporations, as well as 821 foreign corporations. There are two categories of searches available: Public Companies (the default) and Closed-End Funds.

Includes two databases:

  • Register of Corporations: Directory of over 100,000 public and privately held companies, including address/phone, sales, employees, business descriptions, SIC/NAICS codes, stock exchanges (public companies), marketing areas, bank/accounting/law firms, and names of over 400,000 executives.
  • Register of Directors & Executives: Brief biographical profiles on over 70,000 executives, including primary and secondary business affiliations, departments and positions, business and home addresses, educational background, fraternal organizations, and birth information

Stock Reports (including Closed-End Funds)
Access to facts, figures, analysis and projections for approximately 5,500 publicly held U.S. corporations. The basic report for each company includes the latest share price and current year’s range, P/E ratio, current dividend and yield, and S&P’s proprietary earnings and dividend rankings. It also provides a stock chart showing six to seven years of monthly stock price ranges and trading volume, as well as a ten-year summary of important per-share data, statistical tables of income and balance sheet data and quarterly breakouts of net sales.

Stock Guide
Profiles over 11,000 common and preferred stocks—listed and NASDAQ. Coverage includes 250 warrants, 200 convertible preferred stocks, 475 closed end funds, and 700 mutual funds.

Earnings Guide
Delivers earnings information for approximately 5,000 publicly traded stocks. This includes the following:

  • Wall Street consensus earnings estimates for the current quarter, current year, and following year
  • P’s proprietary Earnings and Dividend Rankings
  • P/E ratio
  • 5-year growth rate
  • Cash flow
  • Revenues

The Outlook
Provides analyses of stock market trends in newsletter format and offers and investment policy dating back to 1996. Individual stocks are discussed and recommendations are made to meet a variety of investment objectives. The Outlook offers STARS, S&P’s Stock Appreciation Ranking System, which ranks over 1,000 stocks on a short-term buy/hold/sell basis. The database is searchable by company name, ticker symbol, or CUSIP. In addition to articles on industries and the economy, you will find the “Supervised Master List of Recommended Issues,” a selection of stocks kept under continuous supervision. “In the Limelight” projects the effects of recent developments on short- and long-term values of selected stocks. “Market Forecast & Investment Policy” gives a capsule forecast of how a range of forces will affect stocks and bonds.

Dividend Records
The database covers over 20,000 issues and is updated quarterly. Reports are available for each issue and cover dividend payments, stock splits and stock dividends, rights distributions, and other capital changes.

Mutual Fund Reports
Profiles over 11,000 mutual funds, following both small and large funds equity and fixed income funds both load and no-load. Searches can be generated using over 100 search fields. Reports contain both statistical data and important investment information including:

  • Performance during previous bull and bear markets;
  • Best and worst historical performance;
  • Quarter-by-quarter results for the last six years;
  • Key profile statistics including Sharpe Ratio, R2, Alpha, and Beta;
  • 10 years of key historical data;
  • Graphical representations of trends and statistics;
  • Investment objective;
  • Fund performance against its peers and the Market;
  • Information on the portfolio composition, including sectors, asset types, holdings and more.

The Bond Guide
The Guide provides information on over 12,000 corporate, convertible, and foreign bonds. The data is searchable for the previous 12 month period. There are 3 searchable databases with the Bond Guide: Corporate by Issue: Convertible, Corporate by Issue: Non-convertible, and Foreign Bonds.

Other Finance Database include:
General Business File ASAP
The database provides information on practical business issues, the latest in business theory, investment analysts' reports on major companies and industries, and timely news on products, industries, and executives.

Business and Company Resource Center 1980- present
The database brings together company profiles, company brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies, and periodicals. Detailed company and industry news and articles are available, as well as company statistics and analyst reports.

EBSCO Business Source Elite
EBSCO Business Source Elite, with its Company Profiles, provides a SWOT analysis for many companies. Searching for current business articles and news is also another option. Another database for business research is General Reference Center Gold, which provides full text articles on general business topics. Also, ABI/Inform, part of the FirstSearch database, provides access to full text articles on a variety of business topics including management and company research. ProQuest ABI/Global includes full text articles on U.S. and international business and management topics. Search tips for all databases are available in the library or online from the Database Guides link.

Useful Web Sites on Investments


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